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Keep Your Prostate Healthy

Prostatic cancer remains one of the major cancers affecting men and is often without any symptoms in the early stages. About 10% of cancers have a genetic component so if a male relative has had prostatic cancer this is very important.

American Medical Centers offers a consultation with Physician or Urologist to assess any risk you have. The consultation and examination are carried out together and the results are available in a few days.

Preparing for your Consultation:
Before your test, you should not have sex for 3 days and not ride a bicycle. You should be fasted from midnight – only water and any medication

At Your Consultation:

  • Questions concerning family history and urinary function
  • Fasting PSA blood test (Prostatic specific antigen, which can be raised in Prostatic cancer)
  • Ultrasounds (Prostate, testicles, kidney, bladder)
  • Urinalysis
  • Urine culture

Price – $195

If any of your tests suggest a risk of prostatic cancer a referral to an American Medical Center’s urologist can be arranged.
There will be an extra fee for this which may be covered by your Insurance Company, and we can help you obtain permission for this.
If this is not the case your future care will be discounted.

Promo Valid Till October 13th

 For booking an appointment please kindly contact AMC Batumi anytime at or call +995 (32) 250 00 77

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