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Thyroid Health

Thyroid Disease is one of the most common conditions to affect women over 30 years old. Usually the thyroid gland is underactive, but occasionally it is overactive or contains nodules (small areas of increased or decreased activity). An underactive thyroid means all body functions are slowed and this also applies to mental health causing emotional problems and their impact on work, friends, and family. Thyroid disease can less commonly also affect men and is more common in both men and women where there is a family history.

Our Physicians will take a detailed history searching for any symptoms of thyroid disease and undertake an examination of your thyroid gland – in your neck. They will also enquire about any family history of thyroid disease. Blood tests will be taken for thyroid function and an ultrasound examination of your thyroid gland performed.

If our tests show any signs of thyroid disease, then additional tests may be required which will be offered at discounted prices.

  • AMC Physician Consultation & Examination
  • Blood tests for Thyroid Function (T3, T4, and TSH)
  • Ultrasound Examination of Thyroid Gland
  • Conclusions and recommendations from AMC Physician

*Please note that the price is for CC/Cash payers only.

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