AMC Premium Membership - American Medical Centers (Batumi)

AMC Premium Membership



AMC Physician consultations and treatment


AMC GP/Pediatrician’s Home visit

Three per year

Annual Flu vaccine at AMC

One per year

AMC Nurse consultations and treatment


Specialist consultations (by AMC Physician referral only)


AMC Physician’s prescribed outpatient medical procedures (IV Therapy, ECG, nebulisations, injections, etc)


AMC Physician’s prescribed diagnostic testing (x-rays, ultrasound)


AMC Physician’s prescribed laboratory investigations

Tests that can be done locally in Georgia without sending to Germany or another country

24-hour ambulance services (ordered by AMC Physician)


Emergency hospitalisation, prescribed and arranged by AMC Physician, either at AMC facility or at AMC referral facility

Three hospitalisation days with treatment and procedures


365 days

Annual Member Fee

1200 USD


  1. The plan does not cover pregnancy monitoring or studies; doesn’t cover pre-existing conditions.
  2. Services which require long term specialty care, including but not limited to, cancer treatment, open heart surgery, infectious disease, kidney dialysis, transplantation and certain specialized testing (MRI, CT) are not covered under this Agreement.
  3. Services related to plastic, cosmetic or re-constructive surgery, unless medically indicated by an AMC physician, are not covered under this Agreement. HIV treatment, injuries from war, or experimental or investigative treatments including infertility treatment are not covered under this Agreement.
  4. Hearing aids, eyeglasses or contact lenses, durable medical equipment or prosthetics are not covered except as specifically provided for under this Agreement. Prosthetic, cosmetic, or orthodontics dentistry are not covered except as specifically provided for under this Agreement.  Any diseases or conditions that, by law, must be treated in specific or designated facilities are not covered under this Agreement.
  5. Medications are not covered, except those used during Emergency Hospitalization.

NOTE: Total coverage per person, per year, is 25,000 USD according to AMC member rates.

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