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10 Health Benefits of Cold Showers

How many of us can actually say that we take regular cold showers? If you’re from a colder climate, the number is likely to be even less. However, cold showers and baths have a long history in many cultures, and for good reason.

All About BORAGE

Borage – a fuzzy-leaved herb with sky-blue flowers and a light cucumber taste can be used in fruit salads, green salads or frozen in ice cubes for cold drinks.

How to Have a Healthy Halloween

Halloween is all about chocolate and sweets. However, using some of these tips will keep your kids, party guests, or trick-or-treaters happy and healthy! Here’s to a healthier Halloween!   Fill up first.  Having a healthy meal BEFORE your kids go trick-or-treating can reduce their temptation to snack, because their tummies will be full. Get…

Healthy Mom, Healthy Baby

Baby’s on the way! And while a little one’s growing inside, a lot is happening outside. Families are discussing names, organizing a nursery, and stockpiling diapers and tiny onesies. All those activities are important — not to mention fun.

Steps to Staying Well

What are the components of good health and evaluating a person’s future risk of disease? Personal history and prior illness Life style habits, including: Diet Exercise Tobacco use Alcohol use Safety belt use Safe sex practices Family history of inheritable diseases such as breast cancer, colon cancer, diabetes, and hypertension Physical examinations to evaluate blood…

Healthy Coping with Change

Change is inevitable in each of our lives and usually beyond our control. Whatever the change, it usually results in stress of some sort. How you feel about yourself and how well you adjust to your situation are indicators of your ability to handle change. With the proper outlook and some helpful strategies, you can…

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